The 'Mini experience'

Just picked up this Mini today from Bluebell Mini in Crewe for a few days business trial. Having fun and being safe is what it's all about. Thanks to Charlie Barber and the team at Bluebell. See our facebook page for the full review.

The Mini Cooper D

Vehicle checking audits

We are very fortunate to have been asked to carry out audits on coach and bus companies who transport students to and from a local college. This initiative will ensure that drivers who should be undertaking daily vehicle checks are actually doing what they claim to in order to make journeys to and from the college as safe as possible for the students. As a risk management company, we are delighted to be able to use our expertise in this area to ensure all companies who have contracts with the college are legally compliant.
If you are a school or college and transport students to and from your organisation, contact us to learn more about this service!

Making journeys to school or college safe for our children

Post Incident Investigation & Interviewing course

We have been approached by a prominent client who wants to help their drivers following incidents through investigation. This training course will assist line managers, transport or fleet managers and directors to support drivers who may have been involved in a blameworthy crash and may need training or guidance as well as drivers who have just lost confidence following a non blameworthy crash.
If you need our help with your safety culture, contact us to learn more about this type of service!

Support your drivers after an incident

Grey Fleet Myths

Whilst talking to colleagues today it became apparent that there are myths surrounding the 'Grey fleets' (Driving one's own vehicle on company business).
The most common one being that there is no need for any management intervention or system to be in place if an employee drives their own vehicle for business.

However, just because an employee does not use a company-provided vehicle for a business journey does not absolve the company or the fleet manager from their duty of care responsibilities.
The law is clear – the company still has a legal duty of care to that employee, regardless of vehicle ownership, so the grey fleet needs to be managed in exactly the same way as company owned or leased vehicles.
However, because grey fleet vehicles are not supplied by a company, there are unique problems a fleet manager faces in trying to manage the safety of those vehicles.
Driver licence checks still need to be carried out, observance of tyre and maintenance schedules still need to be checked. Questions such as does the vehicle have a valid MOT? Are its tyres above the legal tread limit? Does the driver have a valid licence? Is he/she fit to drive? Does the vehicle have business-use insurance? etc all need to be asked and the answers verified.
Organisations should also remember that anything they do for an employee using an owned or leased vehicle must also be offered to employees in the grey fleet.
For more information on our grey fleet management assistance call us today.

Grey Fleet Myths

Spreading the cost of Driver CPC

If you are a small business operating a modest fleet of trucks and your drivers need to undertake driver CPC, or an owner operator concerned about the cost of driver CPC courses, then we can help you spread the cost.

We can set up a direct debit agreement with you to help you spread the cost AND keep your CPC qualifications up to date


Please contact the office to find out more on 01270 759307

CPC needn't cost the earth

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