Are you a company owner, transport or fleet manager or have responsibility for quality assurance?
Do you want to have a clear picture of the risks presented by any of your company's businesses connected with employees who drive for work?
Would you like to know how best to manage and reduce exposure areas as well as save money for your business?

We aim to drive down risk for our customers and do this by using simple yet effective measures whereby you stay in control and gain benefits in terms of peace of mind for your employees and others' safety; where you are not paying over the odds for fuel consumption or repetitive maintenance costs and damage due to poor driving tactics. Furthermore, you'll know that you are protected from prosecution under key Health and Safety and traffic legislation.

Did you know that an estimated 25% of incidents on the UK's roads involve drivers on company business?

Find out how we help you to manage and reduce risk through a mixture of policy procedures, driver profiling, assessment, behavioural based coaching and analytics for your driving fleet.

Licence Checking

This is a simple but necessary first check which we can carry out to ensure that your employees are road compliant and not causing you to be in breach of the law.  After checking driver details with the DVLA we can provide you with regular status reports containing any endorsements, dates of licence expiry or any bans that drivers may receive, ensuring that you can make appropriate and timely interventions. 

Safe Driving Policy

The next step is to ensure all drivers are aware of and comply with THEIR responsibilities whilst driving on your behalf, whether that be in a company provided vehicle or their own car (known as the ‘Grey fleet’).

In fact, any company which has a fleet of vehicles or have employees who drive whilst at work fall under the provision of a work-related Road Risk Health and Safety Policy. 

We consult with you, review your needs and write the policy for approval and subsequent distribution to drivers.

This gives you the peace of mind that straight from the outset, you are doing all in your power to ensure your drivers are not putting any member of the public at risk and boosts the morale of drivers, knowing that their employers care about their safety and wellbeing.

Online Driver Risk Profiling for existing drivers and new recruits

Carrying out an online risk assessment allows a simple way to gain a picture of whether an existing employee needs further coaching to ensure they are driving in a way which minimises any risk but can also be used as a very effective way of ensuring you are recruiting the right employees for your requirements and image.  Our online risk profiling assesses drivers in the same way as in-vehicle assessments, but can be done in a fraction of the time without taking the driver from their place of work and costs less than ‘traditional’ methods.

The assessment will produce a report to the driver and their manager and will record the overall profile of Low, Medium, or High risk. You then decide the appropriate interventions for each level. Should drivers achieve low or medium risk grading, they can be offered e-training in modular form to help further reduce their risk in necessary areas. High risk drivers are offered in-vehicle or in-class training for a more focussed and targeted way. This service is very popular for clients with larger fleets to manage the initial logistics of road risk compliance.

Fleet Driver Training

For those customers who prefer a more traditional approach, or where one on one coaching is needed, our fleet driver training courses remain very popular and are all based on behavioural, brain friendly training solutions.

During initial assessments and training, drivers are not judged on a lack of skill but are encouraged to reflect on hard-wired beliefs which may hinder reason and judgement. Drivers are encouraged to set their own goals for the training session.

Simply put, our training is all about the trainee, NOT the trainer. We just provide the conditions in which they can learn with us.


Telematics boxes (often called black boxes) measure various aspects of how, when and where vehicles are driven.

Enhancing the way employees drive has a considerable impact on an organisation in terms of reducing costs such as fuel expenditure and wear and tear, whilst improving levels of operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and duty of care. Moreover, positive driving behaviour helps to improve or maintain better public image of a business. We are currently seeking a partner to expand this area of our expertise as we can help use the data supplied to enable better training methods and driving techniques for our customers.

Driver CPC

We work with several household names in the haulage sector across the UK, having developed a reputation for being the best, interactive training provider of driver CPC courses for HGV drivers and we have started to change the way drivers feel about education.

We design, develop and test our driver CPC courses to provide the best service with the best trainers. We go well above and beyond the standards required by JAUPT, the governing body of driver CPC. We are proud to have a satisfaction rating for this service second to none.

We also offer opportunities to become consortium members, offering full training and admin support to customers who want to use their own staff and facilities but using our approved courses.


Whatever your requirements, please get in touch with one of our team today who will guide you through the best courses or solutions for your business.

Dash Cams

Many companies are now targeted by scammers who attempt to extort money by causing deliberate crashes. Dash cams can be invaluable in preventing fraudulent claims as they can prove liability through appropriate footage. However, they can also be used as invaluable training aids as the videos can be analysed and shown in either training workshops or e-training modules.

We are currently seeking a partner to expand this area of our expertise as we can help use the footage supplied to enable better training methods and driving techniques for our customers.

If you would like us to review your data, please get in touch with one of our team today to talk about your needs.

Whatever your fleet composition or requirements please contact one of our team today to start the essential task of road risk compliance.

Other Services

Because we offer bespoke driving risk solutions for our customers, we can offer many other services including but not exclusive to the following list:

  • Post Incident Investigation & Interview training for managers and department heads
  • Training the trainer. Providing cost effective training and support for our customers’ own staff to deliver their own presentations or workshops
  • Safe driving seminars and Post Crash Investigation workshops for managers, supervisors, and HR personnel
  • Energy Savings Trust registered eco-friendly training courses
  • Toolbox or breakfast talks
  • Assessor training courses
  • Vehicle checking audits

Please talk to one of our team today to discuss your bespoke requirements at a price much lower than you think for a service of this kind.

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